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A - Option for existing companies:


QUANTEC® is used, in this type of contract, for the harmonization of environments, improving the well-being of its occupants, and achieving success with the frequent improvement applied to business management and strategic planning of small, medium and large companies.


Also included is the energy maintenance of a company, and the treatment of various "diseased" fronts of a business organization, facilitating recovery processes, better brand positioning, better management, expanding the flow of prosperity and combating harmful energies that drive away customers or that compromise the completion of business, always taking into account the circumstantial economic factors of that branch/country/macroeconomic moment.


If there is any judicial or administrative problem that is hindering the operation or dissolution of the company, emanations for this purpose are also included, but in these cases, the efficiency of the treatment depends on the context and the degree of complexity of the situation, since in cases judicial, we cannot guarantee the ordering of all issues, as they depend, in theory, on many people who will not be receiving the emanation, and above all, on what is fair: Quantec does not work to help those who are wrong to get it a victory in justice, for example. It works as an ally of those who are effectively right, but it should never be used as an instrument that offers absolute certainty of dissolving legal issues. Matters of justice depend exclusively on the authorities, and energy support is just an additional force for cooperation in bringing justice to the fore. But we reinforce: everything depends on the situation in which the case finds itself. Including an appeal for judicial victory where one is not right, or in processes that are already in tatters and with very low chances of harmonizing, is useless. 


These services cost R$1,900.00 for 12 months


B - Option for non-existing companies (only projects/business ideas), or newly launched ventures:


O  QUANTEC® is aimed at stimulating new projects, new ventures, the launch of applications, websites, online courses, training, physical or virtual services, as well as amplifying the ability to return over time against the efforts of entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the market, as long as they are already supported by a consistent method, strategic planning and a well-oriented business plan. O  QUANTEC®, in this sense, can amplify the positive image of the new venture so that it can flow with more positivity and encourage customer satisfaction and positive propagation, provided, obviously, that the product/service is good and that the entrepreneur does the Quantec's business consulting module recommends in practical terms.


This service also costs R$1,900.00 for 12 months




When making this request for R$1,900.00 for 12 months of issuance, it will be configured according to the request form sent.


We do not carry out business treatments or with entrepreneurship focuses for a period of less than 12 months, leaving it to the client to decide later on whether or not to proceed based on the final reports provided.


Please be aware that when submitting this request, you must send us to the email  with all the information of the company, project or project, namely:


- APP name (if applicable),

- Image of the website's homepage (if applicable),

- Detailed description of the business idea you want to open, launch or already existing,

- Floor plan of the company, with information on the name of the sectors and their functions in the organization  (if applicable),

- Photo of the facade (if applicable),

- Full address (if applicable),

- Logo and Slogan,

- Corporate Name,

- Fantasy name,

- Business Segment,

- Business Foundation Date (if applicable to physical companies) or APP launch date, website, virtual store  or service (if applicable).


The delivery time for these  business services is up to 15 working days, advance notice. 


Business options not included in this order:


They can be hired separately with a request made by email to, provided that the company is already in one of the above treatment models:


Optional 1:


Verification of staff to identify  if the right people are occupying the right jobs, and guide the entrepreneur to make better decisions regarding his greatest capital: people.


Price: BRL 130.00 per person to be evaluated


To request this service, the customer must already be at Quantec with one of the active business treatments. Access this link to apply now:


Optional 2:


Helping a certain employee to improve their performance against their list of responsibilities, as well as stimulating their subconscious to amplify the productivity of the work they perform, keeping emotions in harmony with regard to the professional field, and thus extracting a routine of work more efficiently and coherently with the organization's objectives.


Price: R$ 550.00 for every 3 months of employee treatment


To request this service, the customer must already be at Quantec with one of the active business treatments.  Access this link to apply now:


Deadline for configuration and delivery of the report upon request: variable depending on the company that hires the service. Average term: 15 working days.

Quantec Business, Projects or Enterprises - Annual

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